VIASAT 4 Channel Re-brand Package - Pitch
Visasat 4 wanted a fresh new look to their channel, geared more towards their male and masculine target audience. We re-designed their brand into something that was more clean, but yet also had some more edge and masculine feel too it.
On Air Package
Black hole, by utilizing circles to create a design that is centered around;
Energy that comes gets sucked to and spit out by black holes. Giving us the opportunity to have in-out points for use in animations, promo material and indents.  
Menu Text
IN Programme Pointer
Menu Stills
Menu Clips End
Thematic version of brand
Concept; finding elements that are typical masculine and male oriented.
Channel wanted to tap into their male dominated viewers.
Billboard Posters
Ident Scetches
Ident 01
Ident 02
Ident 03
Ident 04
Creative Director: Björn Myreze
Art Director: Bendikt Myklebust
Designer: Benjamin Lauritsen
Designer: Preben Wergeland